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Are you a passionate creative longing for more time and space to explore your artistic talents? Do you yearn for a dedicated spot to indulge in the joy of drawing, painting, and displaying your creations? If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing The Goddess Art Circle—a haven for artsy women like you who are ready to prioritize their creative journey and embrace the transformative power of art. Say goodbye to neglecting your artistic desires amidst the chaos of daily life, and say hello to a vibrant community that celebrates your unique creative magic.

Imagine having the freedom to immerse yourself in the creative process at any given moment, supported by a network of like-minded artists who are eager to exchange tips, strategies, and heartfelt encouragement. Imagine having a dedicated space, just for you, where you can drop in, play, and create from your soul. Imagine having just the right tools, at the ready, to draw or paint any time you choose!

But that dream might be far from your reality…

Is This You?

You love the confidence that comes from creativity, the fun of playing with different mediums, and the thrill of stepping up to the paper or canvas and seeing what comes of it, but you stop yourself because:


You see your art as "trivial," not as important as all your other obligations


You think it's selfish to take time away for just you


You spend so much time worrying about how to do it "right" that you've forgotten how to just answer the call of art and have fun.

What if you allowed yourself instead to:

Make your art a priority, for the benefits it brings ALL aspects of your life

Create sacred space and time to unleash your creativity

Have a community who celebrates you for being the artsy Goddess that you are!

Welcome to

The Goddess

Art Circle

The Goddess Art Circle is the sacred space, time, and community you crave to free your imagination and play, create what you wish, and become more of the magic you already are!

The Goddess Art Circle is an invitation to come as you are, no matter what your artistic experience, and be in total choice in your creative process, to trust that your heart and soul knows what it wants to express, and to let that freely flow through you.

Your medium.

Your subject.

Your intention and direction, all elegantly supported by your Goddess Art Guide, Jenifer Madson, on your way to your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Art by you. From You. FOR YOU!!

” Jen has such a fun, personable, and creative personality that she made the evening feel so freeing and energizing.”

“Jen knows how to bring your briliance to the surface and take the pressure off of creation.”

Getting Started

How It Works

The Goddess Art Circle gathers women online from around the world to connect, create, and celebrate each other’s unique magic through art.

No judgement or rules, no pre-set “destination,” simply a magical environment to let go, play, and see what comes of it and who YOU become in the process!

This is not an art school full of tired techniques and instruction. It is a unique platform to connect with other artists, develop your artistic style, and celebrate what comes of it! 

The monthly membership includes:

  • 3-4 LIVE creativity sessions, online with Jenifer and our fellow artists
  • Monthly creativity challenges
  • Demos with Jenifer Madson
  • Resource library of videos, audio, books, and more to keep you in your creative groove!
  • And of course, our kickass community of artsy women! 

Register now for the magic, and GET THE FIRST 2 WEEKS FREE! 




Jenifer Madson

Meet Your Goddess Guide

Hi, and welcome! My name is Jenifer Madson, pastel painter and creator of the Goddess Art Circle community and creativity sessions!

I work with women who crave the time and space to be more imaginative and artistic in a free and encouraging environment. I get that it’s challenging to carve out the time and space to create. I’ve been where you are, wishing, hoping, and dreaming of the chance to let go of everything else and just paint. 

I dabbled in painting and drawing for years, but never to the extent I wanted to, because I didn’t think it was important enough, and I certainly wasn’t good enough. And if I wasn’t any “good,” what was I going to do with all that “art” anyway?

But then I started playing with pastels, and found that it truly brought so much happiness and calm to my life to work with them. And because I wanted to create paintings that were somewhat realistic, I started working more on my drawing skills. And the whole time, I also craved a community of artists that support each other,  no matter what our creative ambitions…so I started The Goddess Art Circle. 

It might surprise you to hear that I’m not an art teacher; I’m an art encourager and leader. I create sacred, safe space to explore your creativity, to get curious, let go and play, and see what comes of it and who YOU become in the process!

I have spent 30 years helping women make the most of the the most important parts of their lives, from love to money to career and now creativity, and I’d love for you to experience the magic of connecting with your higher self, breaking through limiting beliefs, and capturing your creative magic!

Each and every time we meet, I’ll teach you some techniques for carefree creativity, and also take a magnificent stand for you as you let go, try, play, and grow.

Jenifer Madson